UK Pro Bono Lawyers

Free legal advice and representation is available to those who are in dire financial need and cannot afford to hire legal professionals to help them in their cases. Various UK law firms and law schools have been celebrating a “Pro Bono” Week since 2002 to persuade UK solicitors to offer free services and promote responsiveness […]

Free Legal Advice from a UK Solicitor

Are you in the midst of a legal predicament? Do you find it nearly impossible to afford the services of a UK solicitor? The legal help scheme can be a boon for you. There are persons who need legal advice or assistance badly but are not capable of hiring and paying for the services of […]

How to Choose the Best UK Lawyer for Your Case

Are you facing legal issues? UK solicitors can help you fight your battles. It is important to choose the right lawyer for your specific need in order to increase the chances of your success. People confronted with serious legal predicaments or whose rights have been discredited will definitely need a highly competent lawyer. If you […]

UK Criminal Lawyers

Are you interested in becoming a criminal lawyer in the UK? Learn more about the qualifications and duties of these legal professionals. Lawyers in London can specialise in criminal law. Criminal lawyers can be defense counsels and handle a broad scale of cases that include violent crimes, domestic issues, sex offenses, drug-related misdemeanors, fraud, robbery […]

Types of Lawyers in the UK

It is essential to learn about the different types of lawyers in order to ensure that you choose the right one for your legal struggles. Legal systems and processes are not the same for all countries. In the UK, there are two major categories for lawyers in the domain of civil and family law. These […]

UK Property Lawyers

UK property lawyers have the experience and expertise to handle the sale or purchase of real estate properties. Are you about to sell one of your properties and looking for a reasonable and valuable price for it? Whether you are selling a house, car, or lot, it is not enough to consult a real estate […]

UK Personal Injury Solicitors

Accident victims who suffer personal injury have the option of hiring a personal injury solicitor to help them with their case. Every year, people are engaged in incidental accidents that cause personal injury and loss of earnings. These are either due to road accidents or faulty facilities which may damage the life of an innocent. […]

UK Immigration Lawyers

Individuals interested in emigrating from their home country to the UK can benefit from hiring an experienced immigration lawyer. Immigration refers to the transfer of residence from one country to another. Although the term seems deceptively simple, the process involving the transfer in an inter-country basis is complex. You may have submitted the required documents […]

UK Divorce Lawyers

Depending on your situation, a divorce can either go smoothly or can become messy and convoluted. A divorce lawyer can help ease the transition for you. Are you in the middle of a divorce negotiation with your spouse and it is already weighing heavily on your mind every waking moment? Divorce should be a speedy […]

UK Solicitors

It is possible to find local solicitors who specialise in specific areas of practice. At some point in your life, you will be faced with a challenge that will require you to solicit legal advice from professionals. Whether you are about to draft your last will, planning to finalize your divorce, or preparing for a […]