Free Legal Advice from a UK Solicitor

Are you in the midst of a legal predicament? Do you find it nearly impossible to afford the services of a UK solicitor? The legal help scheme can be a boon for you.

There are persons who need legal advice or assistance badly but are not capable of hiring and paying for the services of UK solicitors. The good news is you can obtain help with legal finances through the legal help program. This method can assist potential clients with insufficient income to acquire free advice for any legal concerns, support in negotiations, securing the opinion of barristers and drafting cases for court hearings.

UK Lawyers

Legal Help Scheme

Individuals, who are eligible for the legal help scheme, will need to meet with a UK solicitor or an organisation permitted to provide legal assistance under the legal help format. One example of this entity is the Citizen’s Advice Bureau or any law center within your locality. The only requirement is to fill up an application form before an interview is conducted. This simple process will be the basis for the acceptance or rejection of your request. For those accused of crimes that will mean immediate imprisonment, duty solicitors at the police station will always provide free legal aid. This is the same for trade unions that offer help for workers regarding employment troubles.

In fact, there are various resources that you can consult if you need the help of London lawyers. You can check out the Internet and see

This website contains leaflets, factsheets and links to other relevant sites and includes topics on consumer benefits and affairs; employment; family, health and social care; housing; immigration and nationalities; taxation and criminal matters. It also contains legal aid calculator and debt management tool. On the other hand, the Citizens Advice Bureau supplies information as well as factsheets regarding employment issues; taxes and debts; family, health, housing; education; consumer affairs; travel policies; civil rights and immigration; and, general information about the legal system.

Free Legal Consultation

Almost all private UK solicitors and law firms offer the first consultation for free. This is with regards to legal questions like personal injury claims. Clients are not obliged to use the services of these legal practitioners despite the free services that they provide. Private Citizens are rarely asked to pay any fees even after being given free consultations. There are two common legal terminologies used by UK lawyers. These are “no win, no fee” and “100% compensation”. One does not mean the same as the other term. You have to ask clearly if there are any forthright payments during or after your case notwithstanding the fact that your claim wins or loses. It is also possible to obtain free legal advice online. This assistance can come in the form of advice on road mishaps, divorce, unpaid debt, transfer of property, last wills, jobs, and, property disputes. Some websites even provide information regarding law firms and send advice through e-mail.

Try the site This helps you find free online UK solicitors and other charities which you can begin to work with. Other websites such as will explain carefully the benefits and downsides of free legal representation. Doing research on these sites will prove to be a big advantage for you.