UK Criminal Lawyers

Are you interested in becoming a criminal lawyer in the UK? Learn more about the qualifications and duties of these legal professionals.

Lawyers in London can specialise in criminal law. Criminal lawyers can be defense counsels and handle a broad scale of cases that include violent crimes, domestic issues, sex offenses, drug-related misdemeanors, fraud, robbery and theft, and cheating. It is necessary to become a UK lawyer first before practicing in criminal law. This denotes that you have to qualify as a barrister or solicitor and pass all academic requirements successfully. It is imperative for you to obtain a Law degree or graduate diploma in law. There are numerous world-renowned universities offering law degrees such as Oxford University.

UK Lawyers

Educational Qualifications

This graduate diploma is a one-year course taken up by professionals who already have completed non-law programs so these can be converted into a law degree. The qualifying law degree requires you to study seven course subjects. The primary subjects are contract law and the law of torts which is described as the decree that offers legal remedies to individuals harmed by the unfair actions of other persons. The other fields of study are criminal jurisprudence, European Union law, English legal systems, common legislation, property law, constitutional and administrative statutes, and equity and trust.

Responsibilities of Criminal Lawyers

Lawyers in the UK who specialise in criminal law should also undertake intensive training. Criminal solicitors represent clients in various courts and the scope of practice includes trials, plea bargains, and hearings for the three types of bonds in England, pardons, appeals, and remedies for convictions. The criminal lawyer has the duties of researching, investigating and interviewing witnesses; finding out about decrees, procedures and crime codes; building the case and formulating strategies; bargaining with the prosecution for possible lesser charges; drafting, filing and arguing motions; advocating for the client during the trial; and, making appeals.

Expertise of Criminal Lawyers

All UK lawyers who concentrate on this field should possess exceptional oral skills and expertise in written communications. This expertise will allow them to argue the case of clients affectively and sound convincing to the magistrate or higher court justices. Criminal lawyers should also be adept in research and investigation to be capable of setting up a strong defense. These should go along with formidable creative thinking and analytical talent required in developing a legal strategy, evaluate case law and litigate complicated cases.

London lawyers who opt for criminal law practice should have a thorough understanding of the current laws in the country, court procedures, and laws on evidence to find the way through the criminal justice system efficiently. Likewise, exceptional interpersonal skills are needed to establish a sturdy client-attorney relationship. The capacity to attract and retain clients is important for these lawyers to flourish in criminal defense practice. Criminal lawyers can work as criminal defense solicitors, public defenders or work for non-profit agencies or the government. These lawyers can also join a law firm or become private or solo practitioners. Most law agencies take up cases involving financial issues such as fraud, tax probes, cyber crime, assets forfeiture, and money laundering; serious crimes such as murder and kidnapping; and, public order.